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Guarantee from Envision Avionics Panels Incorporated

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Envision's No-Hassle Guarantee

We offer an unmatched - 100% Guarantee of all of our work. With our ability to produce accurate test panels, together we quickly spot possible problem areas before they occur, and correct them before they show up in your customer's aircraft. Envision Avionics Panels is dedicated to providing the highest quality avionics panels for your installation. The guarantee only applies if the dealer has received at least one test panel and has made appropriate checks of all gauges and instrument fits into the supplied test panel.

Cooperative and Envision Levels

The guarantee is complete after you have received a test panel. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with your final panel, we will make it right or make it new for you again. The guarantee covers all aspects of the panel including:
  • Workmanship / Quality
  • Measurement or location errors of instruments
  • Scratches on panels created by shipping or by your shop.
  • Any panel fit or mounting hole location problems, improper countersinks, etc.
  • Any form, fit or function reason that doesn't involve design change after the panel is produced.

Basic Production and Individual Services

We only cover:

  • Workmanship / Quality
  • Adherence to original provided design

As we don't get many warranty related issues in our shop, all returns or reproductions are treated with utmost priority and will be accomplished same day if possible. Allow up to two to three days for larger projects.

Envision 5-Day Production Guarantee

At Envision Avionics Panels, we understand time is money. On all production levels for standard sized panels, we guarantee a 5 day turnaround. Often we can complete the work faster, however please allow at least 5 days for us to fit into our work schedule. If we do not produce the panel within the given time frame, the panel is free of charge!

Please keep in mind, if the job is larger or more complex than a standard panel, we may need an additional 5-10 business days to complete the work. Please inquire within for the timing guarantee for your individual project. Our timeframe is a recommended allowance of time. We will always do our best to deliver as quickly as possible. We can also ship out items as they become available. Please contact your production manager to schedule this, otherwise we normally ship out complete.

This guarantee cannot cover design times as customer approvals can vary. With design, we generally seek to keep the ball in your court to ensure expedited design times are accomplished. However, the time frame is still up to you at that point. The guarantee starts after full design approval and payment has been made and the panel is ready for production.

This guarantee applies only to stocked colors and standard metals (.063, .090, .125 2024T3 metals). If for any reason we need to order custom material or supplies, including custom thickness metal, custom matched powdercoats or order catalog colors, we cannot guarantee our vendors lead times, therefore the work will continue after receipt of custom materials.

Please always build in and allow 5 days for your normal panel service. Rush service can be accomplished, however there will be a rush charge added to your order. We do often complete panels sooner, however please understand this is an exception and not the rule. We will always do our best within our schedule to complete your order asap.