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Custom Avionics Panels

Why repair or refurbish an old avionics panel, when you can have a NEW custom panel created before you complete your installation?

Become a dealer and offer complete panel service to your customers and watch your sales explode! Deliver full, rich, quality customized panels in all your avionics installations.
Airplane cockpit instruments  - Avionics Services in Tucson, AZ
Airliner cockpit   - Avionics Services in Tucson, AZ
Are you looking to have that perfect panel made up to complement the avionics package you will be installing? We can help you get there with your installation shop! Precise, professional OEM quality panels are available to you.
Basic Level
Airliner cockpit   - Avionics Services in Tucson, AZ
You provide us your CAD file and design work as part of your normal process. We produce the panel according to your specs. When you want minimum involvement and maximum turnaround, we provide your panel quicker than any individual outsource you've used.
Cooperative Level
Cockpit   - Avionics Services in Tucson, AZ
This is the most common service level dealers choose. You provide mockup, template, and/ or the actual aircraft panel. We design a CAD file, and upon your approval, produce your panel. Simple, quick, yet fully customized panels for any installation.
Envision Level
Throttle Quadrant   - Avionics Services in Tucson, AZ
Envision Level Panels take panel production up a notch by providing sleek, elegant cockpit panel design. Whether its a pocket and overlay of carbon fiber, wood, or two color inlays, this level is sure to amaze and inspire!