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Aircraft Panels


Why would I want a new panel?

Simply stated, adding a new panel helps you become a more efficient pilot.
The key benefits are:

  • The panel can be arranged exactly as you want it!
  • You don't need to choose the most expensive shop to get a professional looking custom panel!

Installing a professional quality panel makes flying fun!
Old Airplane Cockpit Details   - Avionics Services in Tucson, AZ
Floatplane control panel   - Avionics Services in Tucson, AZ

Why wouldn't I just let my shop do the panel?

Avionics shops these days are highly trained, competent folks that do an amazing job installing aircraft avionics systems. Panel design and machining technologies are but a side-step to the avionics industry, therefore most shops are not well trained with how panels are manufactured Often, they lack the personnel, training, and equipment to properly facilitate a custom panel installation - so they usually choose to outsource. During the process, they have to draft up the design by hand, and have the panel cut to what are often incorrect dimensions. The panel is usually still utlized, so they "make it fit" by modifying it by hand. They send the panel out to paint, and have legends made up by stickers or by silkscreen. These are all incremental additions to the overall project schedule as each process may take several weeks, and in the end your panel might not look as good as you hoped.

Bottom line - your aircraft is usually down longer.

OK - So How does Envision help?

We provide all work in house and can work hand in hand with your favorite avionics shop.

Envision Avionics Panels is both experienced in both the avionics installation and machining industries. We've applied training and on-the-job experience to be able to produce quality custom avionics panels for installation shop dealers.

By us taking over this process, we reduce your shop's overall workload so they can maintain focus on wiring your aircraft, thus reducing the time your aircraft is on the ground. We have all the right equipment in-house to be able to provide custom design and production while guaranteeing our turn around times.

Demand your avionics shop uses the best panel producer!
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